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Colin hadn’t intended this at all. He had come over to Mr. Mackle’s apartment to help him put together a bed frame. But after assembling the frame, the older man had insisted Colin test out the bed. Somewhere in the middle of all that Mr. Mackle had taken off his sweaty clothes, begun to kiss Colin and then managed to get his dick into Colin’s mouth. An hour later this was where they were: hulky Mr. Mackle had Colin pressed against the window while he wedged his two-inch wide sausage up his young neighbor’s beautifully rounded anus.

"B-be nice," Colin panted, hiking one foot up on the ledge to give him room to adjust. Mr. Mackle’s cock was no small toy. He felt the bulbous head squeeze into his hole and his breath caught. Then he felt Mr. Mackle’s hot breath on his neck.

"Don’t worry son, I know you’re a virgin. I won’t be mean to this cute little butt."

His thick fingers gripped Colin’s hips and kissed along the younger man’s shoulder, almost making him forget the prick of painful pleasure that writhed its way into his colon. “Oh-h-h-h Mr. Mackle, you’re huuuuge.”

His neighbor’s laugh was husky and sexy. “That sounds nice coming from your lips. Say it again.”

Mr. Mackle’s washboard abs were flush with Colin’s arched back. The man’s tree-trunk sized thighs bent and rocked gracefully, pushing their throbbing, cum-dripping member into the plush, hot confines of Coin’s butt. “Oh gosh you’re sooo huge,” Colin gasped, clasping the handles of the French window in front of him. “Y-you’re splitting me o-open, Mr. Mackle!”

"Call me Daddy." Mr. Mackle’s voice was soft but strong as steel, as firm as the cock that had by now lodged six inches of its mass up Colin’s young, sculpted body.

"D-daddy," Colin squealed.

Mr. Mackle’s chuckle dripped with lust. “Yell for me, Colin baby.” He pushed in another inch, sandwiching Colin’s sweating body between his own heaving bulk and the glass window. 

"Oh Daddy, you’re h-huuuuge!" Colin shrieked. And with that, Mr. Mackle thrust the rest of his cockshaft all the way up the younger man’s vise-like butt, until Colin’s yells of ecstasy drowned out his own sex-thirsty laugh.

(Source: hunkmeat)

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